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Tokyo ET Contact Group


The Tokyo ET Contact Group organizes monthly CE-5 contact events (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) throughout the Kanto area, utilizing CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) principles and protocols. We seek to establish and advance peaceful bilateral communication with interstellar visitors, while expanding knowledge and research into the ET subject.


We are among a growing worldwide network of research teams and volunteer citizen diplomats, seeking peaceful and benevolent contact with non-human intelligent life. We recognize that extraterrestrial entities--with non-hostile intentions-- have been visiting our planet for millennia and, as such, we believe it is necessary to actively engage these interstellar-travelers in an effort to establish and develop a mutually respectful, beneficial and cooperative relationship. We also support full government public disclosure surrounding the extraterrestrial reality, which would bring about a positive scientific, environmental, and humanitarian revolution.


Although there is a spiritual aspect to contact work, we do not promote or endorse any specific religious ideology, agenda, or institution. We are not a UFO cult or religion. We do not worship or seek to worship non-human intelligent beings. Moreover, we are not commercial opportunists seeking to acquire special knowledge or advanced technology from ETs for personal gain. Finally, we are not merely thrill-seekers. Although the observations and experiences we have may indeed be thrilling, we do not organize contact events purely for entertainment's sake.


Contact events are usually held every month on the weekend nearest to the new moon (when the night sky is the darkest). This is done in coordination with a community of individual contact workers and teams in over 30 countries. Our events usually take place outside Tokyo in a neighboring prefecture (e.g. Yamanashi, Saitama, Chiba). Fieldwork is done close to nature, away from urban noise and lights, and with a clear view of the sky. Using a combination of light (portable lasers), sound (recorded ET tones) and thought (meditation/visualization), we attempt to guide ET craft into our area and engage in peaceful interaction. Contact events usually begin with an orientation/training session (conducted in English or Japanese), followed by contact work in the field.

During the event, new participants will learn:

- How to make peaceful, human-initiated contact with ET civilizations

- Basic meditation techniques and the role of consciousness in making contact

- The core principles and values of the CE-5 Initiative (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind)

- Basic training in the equipment used for contact and conducting research

The monthly global contact dates for 2018:

• January 13
• February 17
• March 17(--> Rescheduled to March 24)
• April 14
• May 12
• June 16
• July 14
• August 11
• September 8
• October 6
• November 10
• December 8

Our contact events are FREE. However, participants will need to be responsible for any relevant accommodation or transportation expenses. In addition, some preliminary reading may be assigned for orientation purposes. Some members may also be given a special role within the team (e.g. photographer, sound recorder).

We also ask that any ET contact-related knowledge or training received (if used or shared by participants in the future) be applied in accordance with the core principles and objectives of CSETI and the CE-5 Initiative.

Contact events may also be canceled or postponed due to rainy or cloudy weather. A decision to cancel will be made at least three days prior to each event.


We welcome both Japanese and non-Japanese participants who share a belief in ET phenomena and wish to see our world finally enter the galactic community. Members should also be free of the negative cultural prejudices and preconceptions commonly associated with ET life forms. Moreover, a skeptical or fearful mindset generally serves to obstruct the contact process. Participants are asked to approach fieldwork activities with a cooperative spirit and an open heart and mind. The proper attitude and motivation is essential for successful fieldwork.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We welcome your interest and participation in the global ET contact movement!

The Tokyo ET Contact Group is a non-profit independent and self-governing agency. We do not share an official affiliation or partnership with CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), JCETI (Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) or other UFO-related organizations.


東京ETコンタクト・グループは、CSETI (地球外知的生命体研究センター) の原理と手順に則って、関東地方の至る所で定例の、人類から発信するCE-5コンタクト・イベント (第5種接近遭遇) を開催します。私たちは、ETに関する知識を広げ、そして研究を行い、地球外からの訪問者との平和的な双方向の交信を確立し、そして進歩させることを意図しています。

★ 私たちが取り組むもの


★ 私たちが取り組まないもの


★ ETコンタクト・イベント

コンタクト・イベントは通常、新月に近い週末 (夜空が最も暗いタイミング) に毎月開催されます。このイベントは、30を超す国の個々のコンタクト・ワーカーおよびチームのコミュニティの協力のもとに行われます。私たちのイベントは、普段東京近郊の他県 (例: 山梨、埼玉、千葉) で行われます。フィールドワークは、都心の喧騒や明るさから離れ、空がきれいに見える、自然に近いところで行われます。ライト (ポータブル・レーザー)、音 (録音されたETの音) そして思念 (瞑想 / 視覚化) の組み合わせで、ETの乗った宇宙船を私たちのエリアに導くことを試み、平和的な意思疎通を試みます。コンタクト・イベントは通常、オリエンテーション(英語と日本語) / トレーニングのセッション で始まり、フィールドでのコンタクト・ワークへ移ります。









・3月17日 (--> 3月24日まで延期)










コンタクト・イベントは無料です。一方で、参加者の宿泊および交通費は自己負担です。加えて、オリエンテーションの目的で準備のための読み物の課題があります。チームの中で、特別な役割 (例: 写真撮影、音声録音) を与えられるメンバーもいます。

また、ETのコンタクトに関して獲得した、いかなる知識やトレーニングも、(将来、参加者によって使用され、あるいは共有される場合には、) CSETIおよびCE-5イニシアチブの基本原理や目的に従って適用されることをお願いします。


★ 参加対象者



東京ETコンタクト・グループは、非営利の独立した、自律的な機関です。私たちは、CSETI (地球外知的生命体研究センター)、JCETI (日本地球外知的生命体研究センター)、あるいはUFOに関連するその他の組織との、正式な提携または協力関係はありません。

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