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★ Overnight ET Contact/Training Event at Mt. Komuro, Izu-Kogen, Shizuoka Prefecture, October 14-15, 2023

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★ Overnight ET Contact/Training Event at Mt. Komuro, Izu-Kogen, Shizuoka Prefecture, October 14-15, 2023
★ Overnight ET Contact/Training Event at Mt. Komuro, Izu-Kogen, Shizuoka Prefecture, October 14-15, 2023

Time & Location

2023年10月14日 13:45 – 2023年10月15日 11:00

Itō, Komuroyama, Kawana, Itō, Shizuoka 414-0044, Japan

About the event


★Join our CE-5 team as we make contact at Mt. Komura, among the beautiful Izu Highlands, Shizuoka Prefecture, on the October 14-15 new moon weekend. ★

Using a combination of light (portable lasers), sound (recorded ET tones) and thought (meditation/visualization), we'll attempt to guide ET craft (UFOs) into our area and engage in peaceful interaction.

During the event, new participants will learn:

• How to make peaceful, human-initiated contact with ET civilizations

• Basic meditation techniques and the role of consciousness in making contact

• The core principles and values of the CE-5 Initiative (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind)

• Basic training in the equipment used for contact and conducting research

【LOCATION】 Kawana Station (Izukyu Line), Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture


Holiday Home Apple

1427-6 Kawana, Ito-shi, Shizuoka

~ Room reservations have already been made for this event. Participants do not need to contact the accommodation.

【ACCOMODATION COST】 ¥4,000 per person. This includes shared 115 m² villa with 5 Japanese-style bedrooms, dining area, terrace with ocean view, kitchen & kitchenware, oven, microwave, toaster, barbecue, fridge, kettle, bath/shower, toiletries, flat screen TV, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and parking lot. Meals not included. Please bring a bento dinner or something to cook.

【TRANSPORTATION】 Kawana Station can be reached by train (Izukyu Line) or car.

Participants are also welcome to drive directly to Holiday Home Apple.



Komuroyama Park

【EXPECTATIONS】  ★In general, we try to eat only vegetarian food at our contact events (no meat, seafood or eggs). We do this as an expression of love, kindness and respect for all creatures on earth, to purify our bodies, and to maintain a spiritually high-vibratory state. We believe this practice can enhance and deepen the contact outcome.

★ The use or possession of alcohol, drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited during contact events.

★ By attending a contact event, participants agree to share any photos, videos or audio recordings taken over the duration of the event.



••• SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2023 ••• 13:43 – Meet at Kawana Station (Izukyu Line), Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture

14:00 – Share taxi (5 minutes) to Holiday Home Apple (Mt. Komuro) / Drop off baggage

14:15 – Walk to contact site nearby / Self-Introductions

15:00 – Take chair lift (¥500) to top of Mt. Komuro (321 m.) / Group Photo

16:30 – CE-5 Fieldwork Orientation 1 (for any new participants)

18:30 – Group dinner

19:30 – CE-5 Fieldwork Orientation 2 (for everyone)

    1. Team roles

    2. Field site procedures     3. Equipment orientation 20:30 – CE-5 field work until late

••• SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2023 •••

06:45-09:00 – Optional buffet breakfast (¥1650) at Southern Cross Resort

10:00 – Check out / Debriefing Session

11:00 – Share taxi to Kawana Station (Izukyu Line)

Optional Sunday Activities: Visit Mt. Omuro, Komuroyama Park, Dinosaur Park, Atami


【SUGGESTED SUPPLIES/EQUIPMENT】 - portable folding camping chair [required]

- down jacket  

- gloves, scarf, warm hat   

- sweater   

- sunblock 

- sunglasses 

- flashlight (red LED, if possible) 

- water/snacks 

- spiritual accessories: crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, chimes, drums, etc.

~Our contact events are FREE. However, anonymous voluntary donations of any amount are appreciated and will be applied toward field work equipment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

★ 10月14日~15日の新月の週末、静岡県の美しい伊豆高原にある小村山でCE-5チームとコンタクトを取る。★



- ET文明と平和的にコンタクトする方法

- 瞑想の基本的なテクニックと、コンタクトを取る際の意識の役割

- CE-5イニシアティブ(第5種接近遭遇)の基本理念と価値観。

- コンタクトや調査に使用する機器の基礎トレーニング






~ 宿泊予約はすでに完了しております。参加者が宿泊施設に連絡する必要はない。















••• 2023年10月14日(土)•••

13:43 - 静岡県伊東市川奈駅(伊豆急行線)集合

14:00 - 乗り合いタクシー(5分)でホリデーホームアップル(小室山)へ / 荷物預け

14:15 - 近くの連絡先まで徒歩で移動 / 自己紹介

15:00 - チェアリフト(500円)で小室山山頂(321m)へ / 集合写真

16:30 - CE-5 フィールドワーク・オリエンテーション1(初参加者対象)

18:30 - グループ夕食

19:30 - CE-5 フィールドワーク・オリエンテーション2(全員対象)

1. チームの役割

2. 現場での手続き

3. 機材オリエンテーション

20:30 - CE-5 フィールドワーク(遅くまで

••• 2023年10月15日(日)•••

06:45-09:00 - オプショナル朝食ビュッフェ(1650円)サザンクロスリゾートにて

10:00 - チェックアウト / 報告会

11:00 - 伊豆急行線川奈駅までタクシーで移動

日曜日のオプショナル・アクティビティ 大室山、小室山公園、恐竜公園、熱海見学



- 携帯用折りたたみキャンプ・チェア【必須】

- ダウンジャケット

- 手袋、マフラー、暖かい帽子

- セーター

- 日焼け止め

- サングラス

- 懐中電灯(できれば赤色LED)

- 水/スナック

- スピリチュアル・アクセサリー:クリスタル、チベタンシンギングボウル、ベル、チャイム、ドラムなど。


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